Full Photo selecting, editing, uploading guidelines for Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal.

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site rencontres quebec Hello friends my name is Amar and today I will tell you full Photo selecting, editing, uploading guidelines for Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal.
When you visit a shop for purchasing any product than first of all you see it, touch it, feel its quality, height, weight and all measurements but when you select products online then you are fully dependent on the image and the description given by seller and the images helps the you in taking the final decision that you want to buy that products or not.
So images plays a very important role in increasing or decreasing sales of your product. So now I will tell you Full Photo selecting, editing, uploading guidelines for Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal.
1. Always use a professional photographer for photoshoot of your products and ask him/her to use a good quality DSLR Camera with best lense.
2. Ask photographer to click photos from very close of to use zoom in feature so that product is shown in maximum area and less area is white.
3. Don’t use so many dummy or extra accessories if you use make sure that they are cropped in editing.
4. Ask photographer to click photos in highest resolution so that it looks more clear on website.
5. Make sure that the background of the image should be white otherwise your listings will be rejected.
6. Try to give maximum of images possible as buyer want to see every angle of the product that how it looks like.
7. The first image should contain all the inbox items.
8. Don’t use those photos that change the original colour of the image, however minor editing is acceptable but it you edit it fully to change colour look design then chances or return  will increase.
If you follow all these tips then your product will definitely http://www.handpickedvillas.net/malkinos/4748 http://www.tsv-warthausen.de/prikotre/6993  be liked by your customers and your sales will automatically increase. You can visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/RoyalJewellersOnline/photos to check sample images or Designs section of our website.
But remember there is no substitute to hard work and patience and nothing is going to happen overnight.

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Thank You

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Written by Amar Singh

16 November 2017

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