How to get Flipkart Assured sticker on your products?

Hello friends my name is Amar and today I will help you that how to get flipkart assured sticker on your products.

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pakistan free dating sites As you know assured seller get more orders, their product is more visible on flipkart’s website, more customers, their product is more in demand. Customers develop a trust in product of that seller that it’s a flipkart assured seller’s product and I can trust the quality and price blindly. And the most important thing that flipkart assured products are shown on the top when you search for a particular keyword or any product.So now I will tell you that how you can opt in to flipkart assured program and get an assured sticker on your products and attract more customers.

click here to investigate Well in your seller portal there is no option to opt in to flipkart assured program, as it totally depends on performance of seller, return rate, ratings, customer satisfaction and many more, if we want to say it in one word then we would say it that it depends on seller performance. And when you pass all these criteria then you will automatically receive a mail from flipkart which will be an invitation from flipkart that now your performance is good and now you are eligible to participate in flipkart assured seller program, do you want to be a flipkart assured seller if yes follow the link. When you follow the link then you will have to accept all terms and conditions of flipkart and after 24 working hours your
products will get flipkart assured sticker, and you will become a flipkart assured seller. Now I will tell you best tips that how you can get an invitation from flipkart regarding flipkart assured program?


As I have already told you that it totally depends on seller’s performance, ratings, demand quality etc. So we will focus on maintaining these criteria. 1. Always use original image for listing your products and do not use photoshop edited images which changes the color, look, quality of your image. Your image should represent original product and original quality of the product, however minor editing is acceptable but if you make more then minor editing the chances for return increases as the actual desire of customer is fulfilled by your images and not by your products.

internet 2. Always ship the original products and not the copy or duplicate products and make sure that products and not damaged otherwise chances of return will automatically increase.

3. Make sure that you ship all the inbox items and nothing is left behind and don’t forget to ship freebie if you have opted into My promotions. 4. Always use flipkart’s original packaging material as it develops a trust among your customers and reduces chance of getting returns.

5. Pack your order using bubble paper so that it do not get damaged in transit. If it get damaged in transit then buyer will definitely return the product and return rate will increase and ratings will decrease.

6. Try to mark the order ready to dispatch on the same day you receive the order as every buyer wants that their order should arrive before the given time and it also increases the ratings on flipkart.

7. The product for which you are receiving high returns try to deactivate listing for that product and the products for which you are receiving high orders try to maintain stock of that listings.

8. Give a fair and true description of your product.

9. Maintain your selling price while keeping in mind the price of competitors for the same category or products.

10. Try to connect with your customers directly while providing contact details or facebook page links in the orders.

If you follow all these 10 tips then after few months you will definitely receive a mail from flipkart regarding flipkart assured seller program.But remember there is no substitute to hard work and patience and nothing is going to happen overnight.

I hope you like this article and if you have any questions regarding this topic or any other topic then leave a comment below and feel free to contact us or you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram just click on Contact Us page. I will be very happy to assist you in growing your business.


Written by Amar Singh

9 November 2017