Hello friends my name is Amar and today I will help you how to attract more customers to your product and make your product more visible on Flipkart’s website.
So first we will talk about how to attract more customers to your product. There is a simple method the product with the highest discount and benefits will be more in demand. Customers compare the same product with other product of the same website or different website that which brand or website is giving more discounts and benefits. But showing more discount does not mean increasing MRP. I will tell you how to show additional discounts and offers to customers.

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In Flipkart there are mainly two methods to offer customer more discount and offer.
1. My Freebies
2. Flipkart Promotions
My Freebies
In this method seller can add one more product as a free surprise gift for customers. It will be shown as Freebie on Flipkart’s website, customers will be attracted as there is a free surprise gift with the product. Now I will show you steps to add Freebie to your product.
Step-1> Log in to and click on Promotions Tab>My Freebies>Create Promotion on top.
Step-2> Select verticals(Jewellery set/Pendant set or both), select range(price range of the product on basis of selling price)ex.400 to 2000, select brand(select your brand name)ex.Royal Jewellers and click on continue button.
Step-3> Choose a product already listed on Flipkart’s website as your Freebie, enter its SKU and click on Lookup, select Start on and End on dates and enter name of the promotion(this name will be visible only to you).
Step-4> Click on continue button and Freebies will be added to your product and will start reflecting on Flipkart’s website. And if you receive order in that time interval then Freebie will also reflect in order and you have to dispatch freebie with the main order.
Flipkart Promotions
Second method is Flipkart Promotions in this method no Freebie will be added to your products but Flipkart will apply some percentages of discount on your selected products or all products. Now I will tell you how to opt in to this promotion.
Step-1>  Log in to and click on Promotions Tab>Flipkart Promotions>select promotion according to your categories, profit margine and choice and click on it.
Step-2> When you will click on it then a page will open where you can see eligible listing id’s, discount calculation, exclude listing id’s, time period and many more. Read it carefully.
Step-3> If you think that this promotion is of your use then you can exclude some listings if you want to do so and click on Discount calculation button read it carefully.
Step-4> Click on Opt in button on top right corner when you click on it a Terms and Condition page will appear, read it carefully and accept.
Note: If you opt in to two different Flipkart Promotions then they both will merge(10%+15%=25%) and customer will get double discount, so if you have high profit margin then you can do that too otherwise be careful don’t opt in to two different Flipkart promotions at the same time.
Now extra discount has been applied on your products and it will start reflecting on Flipkart’s website and will be available for buyers.
Now I will tell you how to bring your products on top of the flipkart’s page when a customer searches for ex.necklace set.
The listings with minimum price as compared to competitors, minimum returns, high in demand, maximum discount will automatically show on top of the Flipkart’s website when a customer searches for ex.necklace set. So if you have high profit margine then you can opt in to 30% discount + Freebie. I hope you like the post HOW TO “ATTRACT MORE CUSTOMERS AND MAKE YOUR PRODUCT MORE VISIBLE ON FLIPKART?”

If you have any more questions comment below or click on Contact Us. I will be happy to help you. Thank you.


Written by Amar Singh

30 October 2017



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