Hello friends my name is Amar and today I will teach you how to start selling your products on Flipkart. This tutorial is for beginners. So first we will focus on some benefits of selling on Flipkart.

If you are a businessman then I am sure that you are selling some goods or services, when we sell goods on your retail shop then only customers living near your business location can approach you but and I must say BUT in capital, But when you sell your product on Flipkart then your product will be visible to 125 crore people across India and your product will be sold in all the corners of this country. Flipkart increases your sale more than 200%. Payment method of Flipkart is very transparent.


Now I will tell you how you can start selling on Flipkart.
Required Documents:
1. Registration paper of Proprietorship firm, Pvt Ltd Company, partnership firm or any other type of firm with proper documents provided by government of India.
2. Current Bank A/c number
3. Cancelled cheque of Current Bank a/c.
4. PAN Card of the owner.
5. GSTIN Number

6. 10 unique products
Step-1> Create an account on and log in.
Step-2> After you log in you will be asked to register your brand name with Flipkart and update your documents and other important details like name, pickup address, mobile number, type of product etc with Flipkart (after 48 working hours your Brand will be approved).
Step-3> Now your brand is approved with Flipkart so you have to start uploading your listings on Flipkart's website. So log in to seller dashboard and click on Listings Tab>Add new listing>Create listings , after this select your product categories and continue.
Step-4> Now a page will open where you can add images, details of your product. Note:images should not contain any text the background should be white and the main image should contain all inbox items clearly, you can uploade maximum 5 images only.
Step-5> Continue and send it for quality check after approval it will reflect in Listings Tab>My Listings>Non Live>QC Verified Tab, there you will find a link <Approve and start selling> click on it and fill the pricing details, stock available for buyers, procurement SLA and Activate listing dropdown button. Activate your listing and click continue.
​Now your product will be live on Flipkart's website and will be available for buyers.

If you have any more questions about this or any other questions

comment below or click on Contact Us. I will be happy to help you. Thank you.


Written by Amar Singh

30 October 2017


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