Internet Marketing – Connect with your customers directly to sell out your products.

top article Hello friends my name is Amar and today I will tell you how you can use internet and various social networking sites to connect with your customers directly to sell out your products. These methods are free and if you use these methods then your sale will surely increase.
The biggest social networking site available on internet is Facebook, Instagram and many more. You can use facebook to spread your business and also to connect with your customers. All you have to do is that you have to create a facebook page on the name of your company or firm and you can share the stuff like latest designs arrival or any discount live on your store, online store or if you are selling your products on other e-commerce sites like flipkart or amazon. Now the next step is connecting with your customers, there are two methods for connecting with your customers first one is free method and the second one is paid method and I will tell you both the methods.
Free method-
1. If you are selling sweets, cake, garments, mobile phones etc then you must be giving order for sweet boxes or carry bags on which name of your firm is mentioned so all you have to do is that you can give link of your facebook page and you can also give a QR Code on carrybags or boxes through which customers can scan it and connect with your business online via facebook( creating a QR Code of any link is very easy and free of cost there are so many website which creates QR Code for free just check google for it).
2. If you are selling any type of product of any category then you can simply take a print out of that QR Code and link and paste it on the billing counter. From there customers can read it or they can scan it and connect with your business.
3. Every retailer or wholeseller has a visiting card so if you are giving order for new visiting cards then you can give a link to connect on facebook page.
4. If you are selling online then you can take a print out of QR Code and link on a simple plain paper with a text asking buyer to connect on facebook page, and you can dispatch it with the product.
Paid method-
1. You can use facebook promotion tool and select your audience through targeting and show them ads so that they can connect with you on facebook. If you follow this method then you can also create new customers.
2. You can contact a fb page owner similar to your page that has more than 10 lakh likes and ask them to give your page link on their content. Through this method you can get a huge amount of
traffic and likes on your page and you can connect instantly with new customers. And chargeable amount depends on number of likes on their page or reach of their page.
3. There are so many sites which charge and give likes on your page but using such type of third party sites is not advisable.
Now I will tell you what type of content you have to post on facebook. You can post for new products arrival, sale reminder, lucky contest organised by your company, and best designs of your product and link to buy that product online or offline. But remember if you post so many links then reach of your page will go down and everyday you have to post maximum four post on three hours interval and from that four you have to post three viral content and one content of your business ,doing this will increase organic reach of your page. For example you can visit our facebook page

- If you follow all these tips then your product will definitely be liked by your customers and your sales will automatically increase.But remember there is no substitute to hard work and patience and nothing is going to happen overnight.

i soleil rencontre I hope you like this article and if you have any questions regarding this topic or any topic then you can comment below or you can click on Contact Us page. You can also send your queries through any social networking portals, I will feel very happy to help you.
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