Hello friends my name is Amar and today I will help you in making a good strategy to increase sales on Flipkart.
Before making any strategy it is very necessary to study the consumer buying behaviour and his taste and preferences. Consumer buying behaviour completely depends upon price, quality of goods and income of the consumer. In this case we will assume that consumer is a middle class person with average income.



It is very necessary to check the competitors price and try to give more discounts and offers to customers. In other words you will have to reduce selling price and for reducing selling price you will have to reduce cost incurring on your goods ex.use of small box and small pollybag for packaging and shipping, dispatching goods on time, using personal photographer of ooun DSLR camera for photo shoot and distributing the cost of photo shoot like 1sku=100 rupees / 10 stock = 10 rupees per order and filling gst returns by own and reducing CA fees, using less number of employees and many more. For reducing selling price anyhow you have to reduce cost incurring  on per product. And reducing selling price does not mean using low quality packaging material, increasing MRP or selling duplicate goods. In some cases seller increases MRP to fool customers but nowadays customer is more cleaver than you. If you increase MRP then customer will shift to another seller and he will never return back to you and your goodwill will be spoiled in the eyes of customer. Always remember one customer brings more customers, suppose a customer has purchased a pair of earrings from you and if she likes it due to good quality better packaging and labeling then she will refer her other friends to buy earrings from you and if she didn’t like it due to bad quality and bad packaging then she will never refer it to other friends to buy earrings from your shop or online store. Always try to think from customer’s point of view and when you do so you will find that you want to hear truth from the seller, a customer always wanted to hear truth from seller about the product you are selling like fair price, quality, durability, product is suitable for teen age girls or adult women and many more truth. Well I know these things are quite difficult in online selling on Flipkart but at least the things you can do is
1. Reducing cost and selling in fair price, offering more discounts.
2. Giving a true discription of product in discriptionn column.
3. Dispatching the original product not the duplicate one.
4. Show the original image to customers not the edited one which are made in photoshop after adding filters and making it more beautiful.
5. Dispatch all the inbox items carefully don’t forget one outside the box.
6. Dispatching the brand new product not the used one or rough one.
7. Try to dispatch the order on the same day as you receive the order as every customer want that his products should be delivered on time.
8. Leave a visiting card or mark in dispatched product so that customer can find you next time on Flipkart’s website.
9. Participate in Flipkart promotions if not available then create freebies with your product.
10. Always use Flipkart’s original packaging materials so that customers can develop a trust on your product.
11. You can do a research that which product is more in demand in your business category you can do it simply by viewing ratings and reviews of your competitor’s products.
12. You can also participate in Flipkart Ads during festive seasons. Starting budget is 1000 rupees only.
If you follow all these steps then your sale will automatically increase but remember there is no substitute to hard work and patience and nothing is going to happen overnight. Of course these steps will take some time to boost your business but once if it will be boosted then you will start facing problem in dispatching lots of orders. These steps will surely give you profit in long run.

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Written by Amar Singh

30 October 2017

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